The Essential Guide to Pregnancy Self-Care and Beauty

Aside from the obvious body changes that come with pregnancy, a myriad of other things about you transform in some truly astonishing ways. From dullness, glowiness, pigmentation, swelling, aches and pains, giddiness, anxiety and everything in between, pregnancy takes your whole being on one serious rollercoaster ride.

I recall a visit with my doctor when I first found out I was pregnant, where she sat there and earnestly told my partner and I to ‘get very ready for this’…meaning the ups and the downs. And how right she was. The term ‘self-care’ takes on a whole different meaning with pregnancy; in fact it goes beyond the realm of ‘the self’ since we all know taking good care of yourself = taking good care of baby.

Whether it’s skincare, nutritional choices, keeping active, or soul nurturing activities, all of it directly affects that little one growing inside you. So, if its time for you to treat yourself as well as bub, here I have rounded up some of my pregnancy self-care and beauty essentials.


Pregnancy affects every woman’s skin differently…some might find flare ups of hormonal acne while others might find dryness to be a newfound issue.

Whatever is though, it’s important to steer well clear of some of our usual non-pregnancy faves like vitamin A/retinol and salicylic acid which can cause foetal development issues and birth defects.

I’ve made the switch to pregnancy safe vitamin C to help even-out skin tone, and Heartwood's Royal Treatment Sheet Mask is my favourite.


While the idea of exercise might sound nightmarish when you’re in the depths of morning sickness (I don't think I did a thing for the first 3 months), if you’re able to keep active during pregnancy it really is so beneficial for both you and bub.

Personally, after the first trimester I found that moving my body has been the single most beneficial thing in calming my hormone-induced mood swings while also keeping my body strong for the strenuous task of labour ahead.

Light yoga, pilates (I highly recommend The Sculpt Society’s online Pre and Postnatal program), and walking have been my go-to’s. For my time on the mat at home I love having my Heartwood diffuser going to create that zen yoga-studio vibe. 

Pregnancy also renders our skin prone to stretch marks, dehydration and water retention, so body scrubs, rich oils and gua sha are all your friends.

My picks:

Massage is also so beneficial during pregnancy, and honestly, I don’t think its ever felt better or more deserved. Heartwood’s pregnancy massage is pure bliss for those swollen legs, achy back, and hormonal tension.

Taking care of your immunity is also vital during pregnancy. After all, your immune system is working in overdrive to protect both yourself and bub. Aside from a high-quality prenatal vitamin, a nutritious diet (in addition to those extra ice-creams and donuts that *baby* may be requesting) and plenty of rest, it’s important to take care when out and about. Heartwood’s Face Mask and Filter Pack offers the perfect, natural protection. 


It’s SO important to minimise stress during pregnancy, but that can be easier said than done. Trying to manage home, work and family life stresses while simultaneously undergoing crazy hormonal changes can leave you feeling totally emotionally depleted. A little self-care is now a necessity, not a luxury. The bath has been my haven during pregnancy, made extra chill with a good playlist and Bopo’s Goddess Soak

A healthy support network is also vital…get the endorphins flowing by choosing to surround yourself with those who uplift you, give you a shoulder to cry on, and also a good belly laugh.

Whether it’s movies on the couch with my partner or having a gaggle of my best friends over for a baby shower, I always like to have some Indian Sandalwood Incense burning to set a relaxed mood.

These also make the perfect little present…I plan on gifting them to our birth support team.