Carbon Neutral business operations


Climate Active is an Australian Government backed initiative and global authority on carbon neutrality that helps businesses reduce their carbon footprints.

Being a certified organisation means that our business operations have undergone rigorous evaluations so that we can set goals to reduce our carbon emissions and offset the rest. This certification means we can offer consumers peace of mind that international best-practice standards have been used to evaluate the carbon footprint from our business operations and offset them legitimately.


As part of our commitment to reducing ourfootprint, we're proud to support carbon offset projects that also contributeto biodiversity, habitat protection, and employment in local communities.

Moolakar Human-Induced Regeneration Project

Moolakar Station is located Northwest of Bourke in NSW in the Mulga Lands bioregion.

The project regenerates natural woodlands and shrublands. This is achieved by controlled grazing and feral animal management across the project area along with fencing upgrades. In addition to sequestering carbon, regeneration of native vegetation in the project area reverses land degradation caused by feral goats and livestock and stabilises soils reducing erosion. To date, the project has sequestered 394,455 tonnes of Co2.

Merepah Fire Project

Owned by the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation, this project adopts an emissions avoidance method using a fire management system.

The northern tropical savannas are among the most fire-prone ecosystems in the world, Traditional Owners must conduct savanna burning to reduce wildfires and manage country. All savanna fires emit greenhouse gases, but research has clearly shown that it’s the late dry season wildfires that emit much greater levels due to their intensity.