Dr Jackson’s, named after its Founder - Dermatologist, Dr Simon Jackson, is a sustainable, science-led cosmetics company that creates natural skincare products and organic herbal teas.

Dr Simon Jackson was fascinated by the power of nature from a young age. This led him to embark on a successful career as a scientist, and he spent over two decades studying indigenous plants and their uses in traditional medicines.

During his studies, Dr Jackson developed a particular interest in Kigelia, the “sausage tree” found in tropical regions of Africa, whose fruit has long been revered by local tribes for its incredible medicinal properties. It was this that sparked his dream to establish a forward-thinking skincare brand based on natural remedies that have stood the test of time.

Dr Jackson's

03 Everyday Oil


07 Face Wash


05 Face & Eye Essence


02 Night Cream 30ml


01 Day Cream 30ml SPF 30


06 Body Toning Essence


02 Night Cream 50ml


01 Day Cream 50ml SPF 30