Our signature sandalwood

Amid the pristine wilderness of Western Australia’s remote east Kimberley region, Indian sandalwood is sustainably grown, harvested and distilled by Heartwood for Heartwood. From seedling to top-shelf, it is the purity of Heartwood’s provenance + process that makes our sandalwood offering a natural ‘wonder’ of the wellness world.

Declared a ‘royal tree’ in 1792, Indian sandalwood’s exquisite energetic properties have enraptured humankind for over four thousand years. A sacred sensory experience revered the world over, this rare ‘wonder’ wood boasts a complex nutrient profile scientifically proven to relieve tension and revive skin, body + state-of-mind.

Quite literally worth its weight in gold, second to oud, Indian sandalwood is the world’s most valuable tree – as potent as it is precious with its rich history deeply rooted in science.

Why is sustainable sandalwood so important?

A coveted natural ingredient the world over, the Indian sandalwood (Santalum album) species has been a fixture on the ICUN Threatened species red list since 1998. Despite conservation efforts, the native population has continued to decline according to the most recent Global Tree Assessment, conducted by Botanic Gardens Conservations International (September 2021).

Sustainable sandalwood farms, like the farms we rely on for Heartwood's sandalwood, are the future of the industry. They will help ensure that future generations can enjoy the benefits of sandalwood just as the ancients did long before us.

Grown over the course of 15+ years, sustainably harvested, distilled, and traceable from a single origin, our Indian sandalwood is pure, unadulterated, and of the highest quality.

Our Indian sandalwood oil, chips, powder, and hydrosol ingredients are officially recognised as Halal, Kosher, Australian Made and Grown, and ISO 3518:2022 compliant and are available to purchase via on a wholesale basis our sister company, Copperhead Sandalwood.