Heartwood founder Alex Wilson grew up in Western Australia.

Her family are pioneers of Indian sandalwood sustainably grown in Australia. They own and operate Indian sandalwood farms across the far north of the continent.

Alex developed a fascination with this fragrant and beautiful wood at an early age. In recent years, she began exploring how to bring the traditional uses of Indian sandalwood as a therapeutic ingredient to a modern audience.

She wanted to capture and share what ancient cultures had known for millennia about the powerful healing properties of Indian sandalwood. 

Inspired by its legacy in beauty, worship and Eastern medicine, Alex put pen to paper and started creating a line of wellbeing and natural beauty products.

On the verge of launching her vision, Alex was diagnosed with Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP), a rare form of cancer.

Alex was suddenly at the mercy of her condition and underwent the world’s most advanced treatment, involving significant surgery. After many complications, months and long days in hospital, she realised that despite everything, life offers moments of joy – the gentle touch of a friend, the cheerful smile of a nurse, the courage of family.

Heartwood had taken on a deeper, more personal meaning and it became her mission to bring a little moment of joy to everyone who walks through the Heartwood doors.

Whether it’s a spa treatment, a new ritual, or a whiff of calming sandalwood incense, she wants you to leave inspired, brimming with knowledge and feeling beautiful.