Indian Sandalwood Incense


Best for:  Meditation • focus • study • work • unwinding • yoga • relaxation • bedroom

20 x Indian Sandalwood Incense Sticks.

Elevate your mind to divine heights with our pure Indian sandalwood incense.

Brimming with botanical compounds santalol-alpha and santalol-beta, these natural actives are uniquely abundant in Indian Sandalwood and classed as serotonin agonists (a.k.a bona fide mood boosters) which work to alleviate stress, promote sleep, enhance mental clarity and induce bliss.

A cult fragrance figure, Indian sandalwood is beautifully complex with a spicy yet sweet sensuality that is at once uplifting + grounding. This distinctive aroma is a slow-burn, with sandalwood’s gradual evaporation rate making it the ultimate home fragrance for long-lingering allure.

How to identify high quality incense:

  • Look for a solid stick of pure rolled plant material. Avoid incense that is rolled onto a bamboo core, which is usually coated with an un-aromatic filler and then 'dipped' in perfume.
  • Ask for the ingredient list. The best incense is composed of pure wood and herbs. Whereas most incense on the market is dipped in synthetic fragrance and will not deliver the therapeutic benefits it's designed for.
  • Price. If someone is pedaling sandalwood or other incense cheaply it’s probably too good to be true and you are buying a counterfeit product.
  • White smoke. Pure incense burns with a whiter smoke or an elegant 'cloud' as the ancients used to call it.

Customer Reviews

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Favourite Incense

This is the best smelling incense I've ever had. Its also a super good gift, I always buy it as a birthday present and my friends always love it

There is no comparison. The real deal.

I light my incense when I sit down to work, when I am stressed, when I need a good nights sleep and any time when I need to bring a sense of groundedness to my workplace or my home. The difference between Heartwood’s Indian sandalwood and others is that it’s pure - with nothing but sandalwood and many bark, and the proof is in the calming scent.

Edwards Smith
Heavenly Sandalwood

My son sent me some of these sandalwood incense sticks. It is absolutely the finest sandalwood incense I have ever had and I have been trying sandalwood incense for nearly 50 years. The delicacy and purity of the aroma is unmatched. There is no heaviness to it, just pure bliss. I also congratulate this company for growing sandalwood outside of India, a project I have considered i the past. It is used extensively in Ayurveda for its medicinal value and India won't be able to keep up with the growing demand as more and more people discover this natural form of medicine.


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