Body Balance Salt Therapy Exfoliant

Softens & Smooths | Detoxifies | Energises | Boosts Circulation | Remineralises | Anti-Fatigue 
Blending mineral-rich Pink Himalayan Salt with uplifting botanical extracts of detoxifying Sweet Orange and revitalising Clary Sage, this gorgeous body exfoliant leaves skin unbelievably soft, smooth and plump.
Containing all 84-elements found in your body, Pink Himalayan Rock Salts are easily absorbed and provide an incredible energising effect.
A beautiful gift or a staple for your bathroom.
Key benefits:

- Balances the pH of your skin and entire body.

- Prevents muscle cramps.

- Relieves stress and fatigue.

- Stimulates circulation giving a pleasant warmth.



- Can be mixed with your favourite, natural body wash.

- You can also add 1-2 tablespoons to a bath.

- The magnesium and potassium found in the salts help to draw out tension from tight muscles. We encourage you to exfoliate before massaging, in order to soften the muscles.

- Salt has a cleansing effect on one’s energy field. We encourage you to bath/swim in salt water regularly, especially if you deal with many people throughout the day.

- The minerals in this salt strengthen the immune system.


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