Heartwood's Top Treatment Package For Winter


Unless you’re into the Wim Hof Method (cold water therapy), the chances are your showers are getting longer and hotter, increasing the chances of changes in the skin and sub-conditions such as surface dryness, rosacea, or dermatitis. So, what can we do to maintain optimal skin health during winter?

Nikki O’Dwyer, Heartwood’s Director of Spa highly recommends investing in the Full Package - 'Winter Warmer’ Facial Massage Series of Six. This package includes six Facial Massage treatments for the price of five.

The Full Package is designed to allow you to experience the enduring benefits of regularly stimulating your skin, mind and senses in Heartwood's designated Facial Massage Space.

There are endless benefits of having Facial Massage treatments on the regular, but one of the biggest benefits of all is detoxification. The skin builds up toxins of everyday life, particularly in the winter months, so eliminating them through the power of regular lymphatic drainage Facial Massage is key for optimal skin health.

“Regular Facial Massage helps with lymphatic drainage that removes waste and toxins from the deeper layers of the skin, reducing swelling and puffiness,” says Nikki.

Facial Massage treatments also help boost circulation, brighten the complexion, even out skin tone, plump, lift, sculpt, combat dull and dry skin, as well as work to correct any sub-conditions in the skin.

“With regular facial massage over time, the connective tissue in the facial muscles becomes stronger, resulting in tighter, firmer skin and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Erythema (blood flow) rises to the surface, increasing circulation to the muscle tissue, leaving the skin brighter, softer, and visibly plumper,” says Nikki.

Our facialists use a combination of modern and ancient facial massage techniques to help to release deep tension in the face muscles that are caused by everyday stresses.

“Once the facial muscles are relaxed, the body tends to follow,” Nikki says.

Heartwood’s Facial Massage mediums of choice are our very own ‘liquid gold’ Indian sandalwood facial oils. Indian sandalwood’s unique composition of alpha-santalol compounds create anti-inflammatory, moisturising, astringent, and anti-microbial benefits that naturally support optimal skin health. 

“We see incredible results in clarity, radiance and overall skin health with our Indian sandalwood facial oils, and we utilise them heavily in all our facial massage treatments,” says Nikki.

For the finishing touch in the Heartwood Facial Massage Space, the skin is left treated with our new serum, Royal Revival Indian Sandalwood Hydration Serum, which is a multi-source of Vitamin C, together with Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, and resilient Australian botanicals including Tasmanian Kelp, Snake Vine and Blue Cypress all powerfully working together to feed the skin the foundational elements of what it needs this winter and beyond.