Indian Sandalwood Face Oil 10ml

Indian Sandalwood Face Oil 10ml


Best for:  Redness • uneven skin texture • dryness • rosacea • sensitive or mature skin

Indian Sandalwood reigns supreme in our best-selling radiance salve, specially formulated with the most potent, safe and effective dosage of our hero ingredient in a base of organic jojoba.

Declared a ‘royal tree’ in 1792, Indian sandalwood’s exquisite properties for mind + skin have enraptured humankind for over four thousand years.

Natural Actives Include:

Indian sandalwood: Scientifically proven to naturally smoothe surface texture, and defend against aging factors with high antioxidant potency, the world’s most valuable tree is as potent as it is precious with its rich history deeply rooted in science.

Antioxidative, antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic and astringent, Indian sandalwood serves as a skin + wellness saviour that protects against aging factors and environmental threats.

Brimming with botanical compounds santalol-alpha and santalol-beta, these natural actives are uniquely abundant in Indian Sandalwood and classed as multifactorial skin saviours – to alleviate redness, calm and brighten the skin, hydrate and smoothe skin texture.  

Organic Jojoba: Known for its unique composition, which most closely resembles our own sebum, allowing it to penetrate deeply and protect with anti-oxidant rich vitamin E. 


We are committed to independently testing our products so that we can provide safety, efficacy and peace of mind to our customers. 

Indian Sandalwood Face Oil is Dermatologically Approved and Clinically Tested by an independent laboratory partner in the UK, using 55 test subjects over 2 months.

  • Dermatologically Approved

  • Clinically Tested

  • Kind to Skin

  • Safe for Sensitive Skin

Free from: Water • parabens • artificial preservatives • sodium-Laurel-sulfate (SLS) • artificial fragrances • phthalates • fillers

Drop: 5 or 6 drops to the palm of your hand.

Drift: Gently rub hands together and inhale the warm, woody scent.

Massage: Onto clean face.

Prime: Use on its own or under moisturiser/SPF/Makeup.

Avoid contact with eyes.
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Organic Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Santalum album (Indian sandalwood) Oil.

Vegan Friendly
No animal testing
Sustainably sourced
Australian made

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