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Poised to partner for the optimal skin-health regime, Royal Oil full size (30ml) and Royal Revival Indian Sandalwood Hydration Serum full size (30ml) join forces in the Royal Bundle. 

Our multi-active Royal Revival Serum was created to target the deeper layers of the skin and encourage the skin’s own response mechanisms to help hydrate, smooth, regenerate, firm, brighten, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Indian sandalwood, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and multiple sources of Vitamin C including the revolutionary Queen’s Garnet, Snake Vine and Blue Cypress; together with high-quality vitamins all work together to feed your skin the foundational elements of what it needs to be its most buoyant and youthful incarnation.

It penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, diminishing the look of fine lines and instantly plumping skin upon application, while delivering results in the long-term.

Our cult product, Royal Oil is applied on top of its water-soluble companion, to promote long-term skin barrier health and resilience, targeting the outer layers of the skin. 

Purchase the bundle to save $35.


The names "Royal Oil" and "Royal Revival" were inspired by the majestic heritage of their ingredients. Indian sandalwood, known for thousands of years by its ancient Sanskrit name, Chandana was declared a royal tree in 1792 by the Sultan of Mysore, meaning it could not be grown by regular people.

In India, sandalwood oil was and still is considered ‘liquid gold’, a marker of indulgence and wealth, as noted in the Ancient Sanskrit text, Purnavadana (c. 250AD) which describes the significance of sandalwood as a symbol of refinement, “What sort of king is he who has no sandalwood in his house?” 

Poised to complement the luxurious scent and exceptional skincare benefits of sandalwood, Frankincense, known as the resin of kings, features as Royal Oil and Royal Revival Serum's second Ayurvedic skincare saviour. 

The divine combination of Indian sandalwood, Frankincense, and now Queen's garnet within the Royal Revival Serum, are at the heart of the name and unique sensory + skincare appeal of our regal products.

Customer Reviews

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There is actually no better bundle then this combo. I was using the Royal Revive Serum on its own since being released which has been a game changer in my skin care routine. Since adding the Royal oil as an extra step after the serum, it has elevated. Both products work so well together. The serum sinks into my skin within seconds and the oil over the top locks it in. I do this same routine morning and night and have had so many people ask me what I have been using as it gives my skin a glow like never before. Also got mum onto the combo and shes loving it.


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