Peak Summer Skin

Summer heat tends to mean more sweat, more sebaceous activity (oil flow), and speedier skin cell production, with more people experiencing sensitivity and dehydration.

In this article, Heartwood’s Director of Spa & Wellness, Nikki O’Dwyer shares her ultimate guide to glowy summer skin, all over.

Get up and Glow Summer Morning Facial Regime

“Keep it simple, but effectivein the morning.”

Cleanse + Serum Application

For optimal results, your summer morning line-up should include a singular cleanse, preferably with a gel cleanser, followed by a Vitamin C serum with Kakadu Plum, the highest bioavailable plant source of vitamin C.

The inclusion of Vitamin C in your daily skincare ritual can significantly reduce the appearance of aged skin and wrinkles and prevents premature skin ageing with strong antioxidant protection.

Oil or Moisturiser

After you’ve given your serum a chance to dry down, apply a lightweight moisturiser or antioxidant rich face oil using large circular rotations to massage it in and energise the skin.

Eye Cream

Next is your eye cream or eye gel. Work in your eye product using one finger under each eye performing large eye circles towards the inner eye area and back around. This action can really help de-puff the delicate eye area and help move any stagnancy or dark circles.


Lastly, apply your armour - a good face-specific Broad-Spectrum SPF sun cream.

Summer Night Regime

“Let everything work for you while you sleep.”

Double Cleanse

My regular clients are probably sick of hearing me say this, alas, always try to double cleanse at night! Cleanse one washes away the makeup, SPF, dirt, and pollution and Cleanse 2 actually cleans the skin. After two cleanses your skin is a beautiful blank canvas ready to absorb all the goodness while you sleep. Opting for a natural gel cleanser for the summer months gently calms and purifies the skin.

Serum / Face Oil

At night, I suggest adding a hydrating, multi-active serum with a natural retinol alternative to boost skin cell regeneration as you sleep. Not only does the natural retinol help fade hyperpigmentation, but it also works to gently brighten the skin and is much less irritating than traditional retinols.

A natural retinol alternative such as Bakuchiol can reach the deeper skin layers, stimulating collagen and elastin.

Night Cream

When we layer a serum and a night cream over the top we create a very powerful “sleeping mask”, which if left on overnight can create a plump and rejuvenated skin base for the morning. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!

Eye Cream

The skin under our eyes is thinner and can easily start to look puffy if we are tired, stressed, or over indulgent, therefore it’s always a good idea to use an eye-specific cream before bed. Eye creams can be very soothing for the delicate eye area and when worked in manually, can help to move any stagnancy to de-puff and plump out any fine lines around the eyes. Creams also protect the skin around eye area with antioxidants that prevent oxidative stress and premature aging.

Body Skin Care Regime

As the layers of clothes start to come off, your summer wardrobe calls for an all over skin glow. There are a few indispensable products that you can use to achieve a radiant and effortless look.

Dry Body Brushing

Great for sloughing off dead skin cells, invigorating the skin, and promoting circulation, using a dry body brush before showering and a gentle scrub during, can make all the difference.

Body Exfoliant + Body Oil

To gently exfoliate the skin, I recommend using a multi-oil body exfoliant two to three times a week followed by a rich salve body oil to nourish the skin and further enhance your glow.

Sunless Tan

The bod is now perfectly prepped for a tan, but the only tan that is safe from damage is a sunless one. Sun exposure is the number one contributor to premature ageing – responsible for a whopping 90% of visible changes to the skin, such as wrinkles, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, textural changes and skin laxity. Opt for a sunless tanning cream or foam to achieve that bronzed glow.


“Regular facial massage helps to manually tone, lift and sculpt the facial features and brighten the complexion.”

Harmonising age-old ayurvedic massage techniques with the clinically-proven potency of Indian sandalwood oil, our facial massages will reveal a visibly lifted and toned complexion. 

Summer Makeup

We asked Heartwood’s makeup artist Daniele Terribile to spill her best summer makeup tips for keeping your face looking natural and refreshed even when you're sweating on those scorcher days, or all glammed up on those balmy nights.  

Prime not Shine

Invest in a powerhouse makeup primer! This will save the day on many occasions by mattifying the skin underneath the makeup, giving a much longer-lasting base. “You want to eliminate the slip and shine, but still have that glowy look,” says Danielle.

“I like the grown Alchemist Primer especially for summer as its cooling, hydrating and helps to prevent shine,” she says.  

Less is More

If you want to prevent your makeup from creasing and caking, less is more. "Makeup likes to move around when it's hot, so the best way to avoid this is to wear less of it! If you can, opt for a tinted moisturiser and concealer where you need it," says Danielle.

“I love Maryse Mineral Tint. It doubles as a skin care product and a light blush all in one. Easy to blend, satin finish, radiant but not too glowy,” she says.