Vitamin Booster Vital C Elixir


Mukti's upgraded Vital C Elixir guarantees even greater results and outperforms most other vitamin C.

Containing a synergistic combination of cosmeceutical ingredients, carefully selected for their potent skin brightening properties: Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP), Glabridin extracted from the roots of Glycyrrhiza glabra and a peptidic extract of brown macroalgae, Undaria pinnatifida. These ingredients are microencapsulated into Spherulites that deliver these powerful ingredients directly to the target cell, melanocyte, and to fade away ageing spots. Designed to help improve skin resilience and firmness while providing antioxidant protection from daily environmental aggressors. Magnesium Ascorbyl Palmitate (MAP) acts as a powerful collagen stimulator in conjunction with Kakadu Plum, the highest bioavailable plant source of vitamin C.

The inclusion of vitamin C in your daily skincare ritual can significantly reduce the appearance of aged skin and wrinkles and increase firmness to prevent premature skin ageing.


  • Contains 5% plant-based vitamin C derived from Kakadu Plum

  • Reduce fine lines, brighten complexion and improve firmness

  • Even skin tone and diminish discolouration

  • Soothe and hydrate dry skin with leathery appearance

  • Provides deep antioxidant protection

  • Provides protection against IR- and heat-induced skin ageing

  • Lightweight and non-oily formulation


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