Body Brush


Dry body brushing gives your body a boost by smoothing your skin, removing unwanted dry areas and cellulite, increasing circulation and stimulating drainage from your lymphatic system.

This Ayurvedic technique uses a bristled brush to buff the skin, removing dead skin cells so your skin appears healthier and products such as moisturisers are absorbed more easily. With better circulation and lymphatic system function, your skin will feel softer, smoother and more youthful.

  • Vegan Sisal Bristle

  • Walnut Wood

  • Diameter of Brush 100mm

  • Length of Bristles 30mm



  1. Start at your feet and move up your body using long sweeping strokes upwards with medium to firm pressure.

  2. Start at the back of the foot and ankles and use your hand to smooth over the skin after brushing up towards the hip.

  3. As you brush, imagine the lymph fluid moving up your body where it will re-enter your bloodstream around your chest area.

  4. Use circular motions towards the heart to aid circulation with some emphasis on your stomach to aid digestion.
  • Brush every area of your body that you can reach except your face.

  • For hygiene purposes and enhanced circulation, brush your arms after your feet, legs, and midsection.

  • Be sure to always brush upward towards your armpits.

  • When brushing the arms, brush from the hand, stroking in the direction from the hand towards the elbow and shoulder.


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