The Aruem

Sancturis Perfume Oil


Clary Sage, Palo Santo & Juniper Berry

Mind, body and spirit as one. 

Sacred you, escape to a place of calm and clarity. Ground yourself in woody notes of the earth, cleansing your mind of any cloudiness to tap into your truest thoughts and crystal clear focus. Sancturis invites balance and a sense of belonging, a beautiful unisex chypre scent that embraces both sweet and woody notes to create a universally calming experience.

Drawing from ancient oils long associated with meditation practices, Sancturis invites you into a state of grounded being. Sacred Frankincense, a rare and sought-after aromatic, connects you to a state of spiritual awareness whilst the warm, earthy aroma of Clary Sage promotes self-compassion and mindfulness. Cleanse negative energies with woody Palo Santo and from this place access clarity of mind and explore a sense of deep connectedness with self, your thoughts and vision.

Fragrance notes

  • Top: Petrichor, the scent of the earth after rain. Green & fresh notes. A walk in nature.
  • Heart: Dry, sacral woods. Spiritual incense. Warm and earthy rockrose. 
  • Base: Sweet, resinous amber. Soft oriental undertones.


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