Organic Rejuvenating Night Cream


ENIKŌ Organic Rejuvenating Night cream is formulated to specifically address the needs of skin during the night as opposed to daytime needs. At night, sebum production is reduced, therefore skin can get dehydrated if the right nutrients are not available to your skin. The good news is, night time is also repair time, when skin renewal is at its peak. It is therefore fitting to use a product with effective, science backed, pure botanicals to supply a curated selection of nutrients to give your skin the best chance to renew.

Japanese knotweed has one of the highest plant concentrations of resveratrol which protects from photo-aging and cell damage while rejuvenating cells and lowering inflammation. Maritime pine bark is high in Pycnogenol, a key player in the production of collagen and elastin as well as protection of the collagen matrix during the healing process. It also increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid to improve water retention in the dermis. Davidson plum, finger lime, quandong and muntries are amazing and powerful natives. Their extracts are high in Vitamin C and E, phenolic acid, rutin and Ferulic Acid, which calm the skin and deliver age-defying benefits. They improve skin hydration, support collagen production, soothe and calm sensitive and inflamed skin, target hyperpigmentation, sunspots and blemishes while brightening the skin for a radiant glow. They also contain antioxidants & antimicrobials which fight against acne-causing bacteria.


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