Heartwood x Victoria Paxton Ceramic Incense Holder - Large


Our brief to Victoria was to compliment the earthly origins of our Indian sandalwood incense, grounding each stem with an equally eloquent expression of calm.

Each creation seamlessly merges form and function, serving as a vase, incense burner or a stand-alone work of art. 

Victoria exclusively employs stoneware clay, allowing the original hues of the material to shine through, imparting a distinctive earthy texture and raw personality to each piece.

Every piece is entirely unique, and limited to this exclusive collection in three sizes: small, medium and large. 


Large W48 x D13 x H10cm

About Victoria Paxton

Victoria Paxton is an Australian ceramic virtuoso whose home studio in Claremont serves as the birthplace of each exquisite ceramic work of art. 

Her creations, adorned with soft organic curves, exhibit a seamless dance of movements. 

What sets Victoria apart is her dedication to the art of handcrafting. Eschewing the convenience of modern tools, Victoria's hands become the primary instruments through which she shapes and refines her sculptures. This labor-intensive process spans several days, with some sculptures requiring a painstaking 4 to 6 weeks to reach completion.


Please note, additional shipping charges may apply based on the size and weight of the incense burner.


The size, shape and colour of the incense burners will vary due to their handmade origins.


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