Royal Oil: A Cult Favourite For A Reason

From the day we opened our doors in September 2019 there’s been one product that has consistently captivated the hearts of our customers: Royal Oil. Its allure goes beyond mere skincare; it's a sensation that keeps drawing people back for more. In this article, we explore the intoxicating effect of Royal Oil, not just on the skin but also on the spirit, offering insights that justify the hype around our cult-status face oil.

The Origin of the Name

The name "Royal Oil" was inspired by the majestic heritage of its ingredients. Indian sandalwood, known for thousands of years by its ancient Sanskrit name, Chandana was declared a royal tree in 1792 by the Sultan of Mysore, meaning it could not be grown by regular people.

In India, sandalwood oil was and still is considered ‘liquid gold’, a marker of indulgence and wealth, as noted in the Ancient Sanskrit text, Purnavadana (c. 250AD) which describes the significance of sandalwood as a symbol of refinement, “What sort of king is he who has no sandalwood in his house?” 

Poised to complement the luxurious scent and exceptional skincare benefits of sandalwood, Frankincense, known as the resin of kings, features as Royal Oil’s second Ayurvedic skincare saviour. 

The divine combination of Indian sandalwood and Frankincense, together with a stellar line-up of prestigious botanicals are at the Heart of  Royal Oil’s name and unique sensory + skincare appeal.  

Dermatologically Approved, Clinically Tested, Kind to Skin

The result of meticulous formulation, the skin-radiance that results from regularly using Royal Oil has driven its popularity.

Royal Oil can be enjoyed with complete peace of mind, backed by rigorous testing, to be gentle to all skin types. Heartwood engaged an independent laboratory to clinically test Royal Oil, utilising 55 test subjects over 2 months. The results displayed a profound effect on skin health.

“We haven’t found anything else that can replicate the holistic benefits of Royal Oil, with its naturally inimitable scent and anti-inflammatory, astringent and antimicrobial properties, Royal Oil works to tighten pores, calm mood, irritations and breakouts, whilst instantly reducing the look of fine lines and softening wrinkles,” says Nikki O’Dwyer, Heartwood Director of Spa & Wellness.

The Benefits of Indian Sandalwood for Skin

An Ayurvedic over-achiever, Indian sandalwood has a treasure trove of skincare benefits, and eclipses the antioxidant potency of Vitamin E, supported by the unique combination of botanical antioxidants in Royal Oil.  

Indian sandalwood’s unique composition of alpha-santalol compounds create anti-inflammatory, moisturising, astringent, and anti-microbial benefits that naturally support optimal skin health. 

“We see incredible results in clarity, radiance and overall skin health with users of our Royal Oil, and we utilise it heavily in our spa treatments,” says Nikki. 

Whether you're battling dryness, inflammation, or signs of ageing, Indian sandalwood presents a holistic solution for a rejuvenated complexion for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin.

“We have seen clinical and anecdotal evidence that sandalwood alleviates symptoms of rosacea and eczema. Its antioxidative properties repel free radicals to prevent signs of premature ageing, while its anti-proliferative effects stimulate cell-cycle arrest, encouraging the regeneration of healthy skin cells,” says Nikki O’Dwyer

The Intoxicating Scent of Royal Oil 

The union of Frankincense, Indian sandalwood, Amber and an abundance of naturally therapeutic botanicals combine to project an inviting, opulent and calming essence that heartwood customers have embraced wholeheartedly.

Complex and earthy, when the scent of Indian sandalwood is inhaled, its sesquiterpenes enter the bloodstream and have the ability to calm the nervous system, which is why the scent of Royal Oil is immediately relaxing. 

Backed by Supporting Botanicals

Alongside Indian sandalwood, Royal Oil is fortified with a blend of supportive ingredients that further intensify its skincare benefits. Frankincense helps to boost skin cell renewal and deliver naturally youthful radiance, boosting microcirculation and decreasing red and dark circle pigmentation. Vitamin E, celebrated for its antioxidant properties, shelters the skin from environmental damage and premature aging. Jojoba oil, a natural emollient, deeply moisturises the skin without clogging pores, promoting a healthy complexion. Together, these ingredients synergise to deliver a nourishing and revitalising skincare experience, leaving your skin radiant.

The Final Takeaway

Royal Oil has earned its place as a staple in the Heartwood customer skincare cabinet.  A testament to the timeless charm, therapeutic and topical benefits of Indian sandalwood, Royal’s Oil’s radiant results speak for themselves.