Watermelon Sugar Scrub


The Watermelon Sugar Scrub is a refreshing nutrient rich super scrub to help you kickstart the day.

Skin healing superfoods like watermelon oil, strawberry powder and azuki beans are blended with a soothing natural exfoliant base to leave your body feeling deeply moisturised and smelling like a dream, long after you use it. 

A unique exfoliating formula that combines sugar, Himalayan sea salt, Pacific sea salt, coconut meal, almond meal and pink clay, leaving you with silky-soft, smooth and hydrated skin.

Watermelon Oil

Perfect at calming skin inflammation and also non-comedogenic so it won't block skin pores.

Strawberry Powder

Rich in brightening fruit enzymes that also smooth the skin while combatting free radical damage.

Pink Clay

Helps improve skin elasticity and cell renewal, resulting in supple and soft skin.

Himalayan Salt

A natural exfoliator that removes dead skin cells for softer feeling skin. Unlike a lot of salts, it's also deeply hydrating.


Amazing natural exfoliant. Gently removes dead skin & dirt.


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