Tata Myia

Soothing Face Oil


The skin’s hydrolipid film is fragile. When the skin does not secrete enough sebum, it no longer protects it sufficiently and this protective barrier no longer retains enough water (increased water loss through evaporation). Thus, the epidermis becomes more vulnerable to external aggression. The skin needs to be soothed, repaired, and the hydrolipid film restored.

Formulated with 100% organic medicinal plant extracts and nourishing oils specially chosen for their soothing, repairing and moisturising properties.

It is rich in powerful anti-inflammatories and omega-9, which protect and help to replenish the hydrolipid film. This oil is ideal for the care of delicate and discomfort-prone skin. 

Each ingredient works in synergy to prevent the skin from drying out and protect it from external aggressions. Your skin is nourished and protected. 

Made with 100% Certified Organic Ingredients
Suitable for dry and sensitive skin 
Essential oil Free


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