The Aruem

Solandis Perfume Oil


Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine & Chamomile

Honour your heart, a graceful yet powerful force. 

Solandis is the delicate flower—exquisite and ethereal. Embodying the feminine, it calls its wearer to feel led by the heart and channel a quiet inner strength. A captivating and emotive scent, its subtle beauty does not demand attention or overpower. However, once its sweet notes are recognised, Solandis’ gentle grace will always leave a resonance on the observer.

Honouring your beauty with some of the world’s most precious oils, the fragrance notes of this blend dance between exotic blooms and hints of musky, mellow woods.

"Queen of the Night" Jasmine leads this blend with an empowering sweet floral. A treasured and seductive fragrance, the jasmine flower must be picked before sunrise to maximise its aromatic potential, adding to its mystique and allure. Supported by Bulgarian Rose, which is also delicately extracted to arrive at a rich harmonious aroma. 

Everlasting flower, sweet Chamomile and aged Patchouli compliment these femme florals with earthier notes that balance emotions, enabling you to move forward guided by your heart. 

Fragrance notes

  • Top: Clean, fresh citrus rinds. Precious neroli. Evergreen lemon leaves.
  • Heart: Rich exotic blooms. Delicate rose petals. Exquisite night-blossoming Jasmine.
  • Base: Understated white florals. Aged patchouli & mellow woody notes.


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