Maya Chia

PowerFol Multi-Correctional Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum


Power Fol Multi-Correctional Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatment comprises the most advanced clean ingredient innovations clinically-proven to encourage the growth of longer, fuller and healthier lashes and brows while providing the immediate benefits of a lash and brow gel to naturally accentuate lashes and brows.

POWER FOL Lash and Brow Serum takes a comprehensive approach to addressing overall lash and brow growth, deploying patent-pending technology made specifically for the needs of the lash and brows using MAYA CHIA's proprietary Quadruple Peptide Complex. It's worth noting a tube of the Power Fol Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatment is more than double the size of most lash and brow treatments.


In an 8-week study conducted by a third-party, 90.9% of the participants reported significant growth, as well as 85% felt their lashes looked better after applying mascara as well as none of the participants experienced eye irritation.


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