MARCH BIRTHSTONE Indian Sandalwood Mala Bracelet


| Bloodstone |

Strength, Confidence & Resilience.

This traditional 26 bead Indian sandalwood mala bracelet is adorned with one ‘guru’ Bloodstone bead to honour the birthdate of those born in March.

This mala bracelet combines the grounding properties of sandalwood, with the strengthening properties of Bloodstone, which is associated with building security and confidence.


Said to induce the calm sought by all the spiritualities of India, Indian sandalwood was declared a “royal tree” in 1792. In Mysore, sandalwood and its oil was, and still is, considered the equivalent of gold.


The Hindus of ancient India were the first to engage in widespread use of Indian sandalwood beads or ‘Mala’ to count prayers. 

As travellers came through the Indian subcontinent and Indians ventured beyond their borders, the practice of counting prayers on a string of beads spread to other faiths including Buddhism, Islam, Catholicism, Jainism and Sikhism.

You can use your Indian sandalwood beads as a daily reminder of your blessings and intentions; to ground yourself; and to bring you warmth and comfort.


Heartwood beads are hand-made with Indian sandalwood sustainably farmed in Kununurra.


One size fits all

Inner circumference: 15cm

Beads are strung with robust elastic, designed for durability.

Size adjustments can be made for a fee to restring the jewellery, and for the addition of beads. 


Your beads will change colour as they meld with the natural oils in your skin. Keep away from water. Do not over-exert your strand as it may stretch. To preserve the sandalwood scent, keep your beads in their box. Their scent will naturally fade with exposure to the elements. 


We offer a six month warranty on all our beads. This is valid from the date of purchase. Your warranty covers manufacturing faults but does not cover general wear and tear. At our discretion we will replace, or where possible, repair damaged products. 


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