The Aruem

Everlune Perfume Oil


Sandalwood, Wild Vetiver & Clove

Without accepting our shadows, our light cannot shine its brightest. 

A light in the darkness, as the moon shines white against the shadow of the night sky, it dares to stand out—proud of its presence and unique gift to glow. Everlune exudes this unwavering confidence and authenticity. An alluring, one of a kind unisex fragrance that ignites assertiveness. Confident woody notes are accented by invigorating wild citrus, warm balsamic amber and dry spices, designed to empower the contrasting energies within all of us. 

Native Hawaiian Sandalwood highlights this sensual blend with a rich, warm aroma. A grounding oil used for centuries in Ayurvedic practice to centre the self and balance emotions, allowing you to speak with integrity. Vetiver aids with recovery from emotional trauma, while Clove offers a feeling of protection, instilling you with courage to step into your true self with intention.

Fragrance notes

  • Top: Wild citrus & dry spices. Green aromatic florals.
  • Heart: Grounding Vetiver & peppered woods. A cosy campfire in the moonlight. 
  • Base: Warm, balsamic amber, sandalwood & cedar.


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