Enzymatic Micro Peel


ENIKŌ Enzymatic Micro Peel is a key product of our therapeutic treatment. It is a gentle exfoliant designed to remove dead cells, toxins, free redials and help rebuild skin strength. Your skin will be nourished to make it healthier and enable regeneration. Circulation is also promoted thereby improving hydration, oxygenation and collagen production to tighten and strengthen skin leaving it firm and bouncy with a youthful look.

Consisting of mainly plant based, ‘good enough to eat’ ingredients like MSM, paw paw and meadowsweet extracts as well as lactic acid, Eniko's micro peel will gently polish away all those dead skin cells. The white clay will bind to and remove toxins, the cucumber will brighten and calm the skin while the jarrah honey and lecithin strengthen and protect the skin.


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