Skin Juice

Berry Fresh Oil-Gel Cleanser


Berry Fresh is a delicious blend of berries that deeply cleanses like an oil, but feels light and refreshing like a gel. Packed full of protective antioxidants and soothing minerals.

- A juicy burst of berries for clear, balanced skin

- Experience a sweet and crisp aroma of berries.

- Use at night to clear and clarify combination skin types.


The full squeeze:

RASPBERRY - High antioxidant content to help rejuvenate damaged skin, improve elasticity and moisturise the skin.

CHERRY - It's high level of antioxidants leaves skin looking brighter while plantsterols lock in skin plumping hydration.

BISABOLOL (FROM CHAMOMILE) - Anti-bacterial active, accelerates the healing process of skin and protects it from the effects of daily stress.

BLACKCURRENT - Vitamin C rich oil that cleanses away daily pollutants, protecting the skin against damage and ageing.


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