Amandi Eau de Parfum


Love Thy Self…

The Truth is that she, woman, was made from love and her greatest beauty shines from within.

Amandi is the practice of unconditional love, beginning with yourself. Balanced to direct and connect your senses to the divine root of love with its geranium heart and rose and tangerine top notes, Amandi compels and conjures natural beauty and JOY.

Top Notes: Delicate lime and tangerine citrus

Heart: Floral rose geranium

Base Notes: Spicy myrrh and patchouli

Melis natural eau de parfum is hand-crafted with the finest pure botanical extracts, essential oils, resins and absolutes. Melis's greatest intention, via meditation and crystals, is infused into every drop to raise your vibration and inspire deeper connection to the self.

Featuring: Geranium (France), Geranium (Egypt), Geranium (Madagascar), Geranium (Africa), Myrrh (Africa), Frankincense (Oman), Patchouli (Indonesia),  Black Pepper (India), Tangerine (Australia), Kaffir Lime (Indonesia), Frankincense (Africa).

100% Natural  •  100% Intentional
Product of Margaret River, Western Australia


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