Indian Sandalwood Incense
Indian Sandalwood Incense

Indian Sandalwood Incense


20 x Indian Sandalwood Incense Sticks.

Heartwood's incense is made from Indian sandalwood grown at our farms in Northern Australia. We manage the entire process from farming and harvesting to manufacturing, so you can have peace of mind that each stick is authentic Indian sandalwood.

Use our incense in the following ways:

  • To calm the mind and body: Try burning our Indian sandalwood incense to relieve tension and promote a sense of calm
  • As an aphrodisiac: Indian sandalwood smells similar to the pheromone androsterone, which is why sandalwood can awaken your sexual desires. Burn a few sticks to fill your room with a dreamy sensual scent
  • To promote focus: In Buddhist meditation, burning sandalwood incense is thought to promote focus and alertness. Try using incense in your meditation or yoga practice to help you connect with your intention

Read more about our hero ingredient, sustainably grown Indian sandalwood here.

How to identify good incense:

  • Look for a solid stick of pure rolled plant material. Avoid incense that is rolled onto a bamboo core, which is usually coated with an un-aromatic filler and then 'dipped' in perfume.
  • Ask for the ingredient list. The best incense is composed of pure wood and herbs. Whereas most incense on the market is dipped in synthetic fragrance and will not deliver the therapeutic benefits it's designed for.
  • Price. If someone is pedaling sandalwood or other incense cheaply it’s probably too good to be true and you are buying a counterfeit product.
  • White smoke. Pure incense burns with a whiter smoke or an elegant 'cloud' as the ancients used to call it.
Place incense securely in incense holder. Light the end of an incense stick using a lighter or a match.

Allow the end of the stick burn for 10 seconds or so, before gently blowing out the flame.

When you blow out the flame, the end of the stick should be glowing red and smoking.

WARNING: Do not leave incense burning unattended, or in the presence of children.
Indian sandalwood (Santalum album), Namu Bark which binds the sandalwood powder together.