Prebiotic Facial Mist


ENIKŌ Prebiotics Facial Mist is a unique formulation of botanical hydrosols and extracts that will soothe, refresh and balance your skin while promoting beneficial bacteria. Use daily as a refresher or as a part of your skincare routine to leave your skin glowing and feeling great.

Delivered in their purest forms, rose and chamomile hydrosols can refine pores and aid in retaining your skin’s natural moisture. The prebiotics present in the chicory root and burdock extracts can promote beneficial bacteria found on skin. A healthy colony of beneficial bacteria will aid in lowering susceptibility to bacterial issues like acne and inflammatory conditions like eczema.

Additional benefits of the active ingredients include helping with various skin issues such as post-shave skin irritation and babies with nappy rash, while also effective as an eye poultice to soothe and relieve swelling.


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