Heartwood x Oscar Palandri Dipped Circle Ceramic Incense Burner


Lift your mood and your aesthetic with Heartwood x Oscar Palandri ceramic incense burner, the perfect partner to Heartwood’s Indian sandalwood incense.

Made with plaster, organic earth pigments, food grade mineral oil and sealed with a non-toxic, waterproof sealant to protect the colour from stains and sun exposure.

About the Collaboration:

In our support of local young talent, we have partnered with ceramicist and candle-maker Oscar Palandri who draws inspiration from the tranquillity of nature within his works. At just 16, Oscar created our limited-edition incense burners and scented candles as soon as he’d finished his year 11 exams. We hope you’ll agree that Oscar and Heartwood are a match made in heaven.


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