Skin Juice

Flower Nectar - Ultra-Rich Face Cream


Flower Juice is a velvety, rich cream full of handpicked flower and plant extracts to feed dry, dull skin and help it flourish and bloom.

- Rich and thick cream that absorbs quickly and provides a breathable layer of protection.

- Experience an aroma of sweet rose and crushed vanilla pods with a fresh tangerine lift.

Suitable for dry skin, targeting dehydration and signs of ageing.


The full squeeze:

FUCOGEL - A moisture magnet that provides immediate and long-lasting hydration.

ROSE - An anti-inflammatory that also helps regenerate and heal the skin.

CAMELLIA OIL - Rich in skin strengthening plant collagen and helps replenish the skin's barrier function and prevent water loss.

WATERMELON - Powerful antioxidant to assist in reducing and combating the signs of ageing and environmental damage.



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