Bm Regenerate Anti-Ageing Serum


This serum aims to target premature ageing, ageing and mature skins or skins concerned with preventative ageing.

Suitable for sensitive skins and excellent for targeting the skin on the neck and décolletage.


Use for:

  • All skins.
  • Ageing.
  • Premature ageing.
  • Preventative ageing.



  • Helps to provide with skin nourishment.
  • Aims to prevent collagen breakdown and encourage collagen production.
  • Can assist with the signs of ageing.
  • Provides help with free radical damage.
  • Helps to give the skin suppleness and strength.


Phyto-actives contained in the Mountain Pepper Berry Fruit Extract:  

  • Amino Acids.
  • Anthocyanin, Chlorogenic Acid.
  • Protocatechuic Acid.


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