Skin Juice

Pulp Cleanser


PULP is a purifying and fresh juice cleanse to help clear skin congestion and refine excess oils. Purifying organic clay helps clarify, without drying or stripping the skin.

- Suitable for oily skin types with breakout concerns.


The full squeeze:

PASSIONFRUIT - Fruit concentrate rich in vitamin C to help clarify, brighten and protect the skin at night.

KAOLIN CLAY - Clay mineral that gently refines excess oils, cleanses impurities, and helps fight bacteria.

MULTIFRUIT - A blend of naturally occurring AHA’s that gently refine and exfoliate the skin, leaving it smooth, balanced and cleansed.

MANDELIC ACID - An alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) derived from almonds that gently dissolves oil blockages and helps cleanse pores.


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