Agent Nateur is best known as the world's most luxurious deodorant brand, named by US Vogue as the 'Best Natural Deodorant on the market'. Agent Nateur is a results-driven green beauty company committed to sourcing the most effective, non toxic ingredients from Europe and small suppliers in the United States.

The company's natural deodorants have reached cult-status in the category thanks to their efficacy and luxurious feel.

Founder, Jena Covello formulates Agent Nateur's skincare products in Grasse, Paris and Los Angeles.

Agent Nateur

Holi(Stick) No. 3 Unisex Deodorant


Holi(Stick) Sensitive Deodorant Vegan


Holi(Skin) Shave Oil Unisex


Holi(Rose) No. 4 Deodorant


Holi(Oil) Youth Serum


Uni (sex) No. 5 Deodorant


Holi(Water) Pearl and Rose Hyaluronic Toner