Lift Eye Serum

Lift Eye Serum


ENIKŌ Lift Eye Serum deeply moisturises the delicate eyes area to help restore firmness, elasticity and aid brightness. This gentle but effective formula is rich in amino acids, the building block of protein, so it can repair and renew. It can help lift and tighten this delicate area to reduce fine lines.

Lift Eye Serum’s hero ingredient provides biofunctional lifting and firming of the skin with an immediate to medium-term skin tightening effect. It creates a microcrystalline network that binds to the skin surface in order to lift and tighten. Given that this active also boosts collagen synthesis, it aids in improving the skin’s appearance and slows down signs of ageing over time.

Shake well before use to ensure equal concentration of all ingredients. After cleansing with the ENIKŌ Revitalising Cleansing Oil, use the roll-on dispenser to apply serum in a circular motion, starting in the innermost corner of the eye and moving outward for approximately 10 to 20 seconds. This will ensure deep absorption of the ingredients while discouraging lymphatic congestion. Wait approximately 5 minutes for full absorption of the formula before applying any makeup. If you would like extra lift, repeat the application of the serum.
Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Extracts of: Corn Oak, Calendula, Ivy Leaf, Comfrey, Eyebright.