Heartwood x StudioP Incense Set
Heartwood x StudioP Incense Set

Heartwood x StudioP Incense Set



  • Heartwood x StudioP Ceramic Incense Holder
  • 20 x Heartwood Indian Sandalwood Incense Stems

 StudioP + Heartwood = A match made in heaven. Handmade in Leederville Western Australia using raised terra-cotta clay, these incense holders are the perfect home for our Indian sandalwood incense. 

Inspired by ancient Indian sandalwood rituals and contemporary design, each ceramic holder is entirely unique, measuring roughly 10cm in diameter by 4cm high.

Let the soft, warm and grounding scent of Indian sandalwood waft through your favourite space in this - its perfect accessory.

Heartwood's incense is made from only two ingredients: Indian sandalwood grown at our farms in Northern Australia, bound together with Namu Bark. 

We manage the entire process from farming and harvesting to manufacturing, so you can have peace of mind that each stick is authentic Indian sandalwood. Use our incense in the following ways:

  • To calm the mind and body: Try burning our Indian sandalwood incense to relieve tension and promote a sense of calm
  • As an aphrodisiac: Indian sandalwood smells similar to the pheromone androsterone, which is why sandalwood can awaken your sexual desires. Burn a few sticks to fill your room with a dreamy sensual scent
  • To promote focus: In Buddhist meditation, burning sandalwood incense is thought to promote focus and alertness. Try using incense in your meditation or yoga practice to help you connect with your intention

Read more about our hero ingredient, sustainably grown Indian sandalwood here.