Heartwood x Oscar Palandri Incense Gift Set
Heartwood x Oscar Palandri Incense Gift Set
Heartwood x Oscar Palandri Incense Gift Set

Heartwood x Oscar Palandri Incense Gift Set


Lift your mood and your aesthetic with the Heartwood x Oscar Palandri Incense Gift Set, including our best-selling Indian sandalwood Incense (20 stems) along with Oscar’s Hand-made Ceramic Incense Burner.   

Hand-made with organic earth pigments and food grade mineral oil, and sealed with a non-toxic, waterproof sealant to protect the colour from stains and sun exposure.

About the Collaboration:

In our support of local young talent, we have partnered with ceramicist and candle-maker Oscar Palandri who draws inspiration from the tranquillity of nature within his works. At just 16, Oscar created our limited-edition incense burners and scented candles as soon as he’d finished his year 11 exams. We hope you’ll agree that Oscar and Heartwood are a match made in heaven.

Burner Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 3 cm

Place incense securely in incense holder. Light the end of an incense stick using a lighter or a match.

Allow the end of the stick burn for 10 seconds or so, before gently blowing out the flame.

When you blow out the flame, the end of the stick should be glowing red and smoking.

WARNING: Do not leave incense burning unattended, or in the presence of children.
Clean with warm water and cloth.

Remove incense ash as soon as possible to prevent staining.

Avoid strong cleaning products, which may impact the ceramic surface.
Refill or Recycle - All Heartwood products can be returned to Heartwood’s Cottesloe Headquarters to be refilled or fully recycled via our recycling partner, Terracycle.

Refill Rebate - If you would like to repurchase Indian Sandalwood Incense, please consider allowing us to refill your existing box by visiting us in-store or contacting us at woody@heartwoodco.com.au to request a shipping slip.

As a reward for refilling your Heartwood vessel you will receive 10% off the original retail price.