Rohr Remedy

Desert Lime Pouch Body Moisturiser

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Rohr Remedy's new eco-friendly refillable pouches are made from recyclable aluminium craft paper with a BPA free spout.

These 500ml pouches will provide two full refills of the Desert Lime bottle.

Already have the Desert Lime Body Moisturiser? Now, you can just purchase the pouch, refill your container, save money, and help the environment.

Rohr Remedy's Desert Lime Moisturiser is an invigorating and nourishing moisturiser for dry skin, combining the antioxidant rich desert lime with the detoxifying powers of kelp. Desert lime has traditionally been used by Indigenous Australians for its revitalising qualities, assisting skin repair due to a high levels of vitamin C. Combined with Australia’s giant kelp, this formulation helps retain skin moisture and softness. This moisturiser is based on a dermatological formulation for reactive children suffering from eczema.

250ml Desert Lime Moisturiser available here


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