Fenghuang Indian Sandalwood Pendant

Fenghuang Indian Sandalwood Pendant


An ornate hand carved Indian Sandalwood Fenghuang Pendant. 

The Fenghuang (also known as the Phoenix) is a bird in Chinese mythology that symbolises the union of a male and a female; it represents the six celestial bodies. It is a sign of harmony, prosperity, and virtue often seen in decorations for royal ceremonies and weddings.

The Fenghuang is associated with many different meanings in Chinese culture. As a union of male and female birds, it's often used to symbolise the yin and yang, a core of Chinese philosophy, which represents balance and harmony in the universe. In addition, despite being a combination of male and female, the Fenghuang is usually considered to be female and is often paired with the dragon, which is male. In Imperial periods of Chinese history, the dragon represented the emperor, while the Fenghuang represented the empress.

A Fenghuany also represents grace and virtue. Some stories say that it only appears in times of peace and prosperity, and goes into hiding during times of trouble.

The Fenghuang's body, made up of different birds, is said to represent the six celestial bodies. Her head is the sky, her eyes are the sun, her back is the moon, her wings are the wind, her feet are the Earth, and her tail represents the planets.

Display this pendant in your home to bring out the excellent side of the female; prosperity, auspiciousness, virtue, righteousness, courtesy, benevolence, love, and faith.



6cm long x 4cm wide x 1.5cm high