Face Mask & Filter Pack
Face Mask & Filter Pack
Face Mask & Filter Pack
Face Mask & Filter Pack
Face Mask & Filter Pack
Face Mask & Filter Pack
Face Mask & Filter Pack

Face Mask & Filter Pack


Heartwood’s Sandalwood Face Mask Set comes with:

  • 100% cotton protective mask
  • 5 PM2.5 filters which can be inserted into your mask to offer extra protection from airborne particles

Made with the same advanced materials used for respirators like the N95 and KN95, PM2.5 filters are composed of one layer of activated carbon fabric, two layers of filter fabric, and two layers of non-woven fabric.

Each mask:

  • Is machine washable and reusable

  • Is fitted with an adjustable nose bracket, for a tight but comfy fit

  • Includes a cotton carry bag

  • Comes with 5 PM2.5 filters

  • Has adjustable ear length to suit all face shapes and sizes

Please note that safe social distancing and frequently washing your hands are the most effective ways to stay healthy. Please keep in mind that no mask is 100% effective at protecting from viral transmission.


So that we can uphold safe sanitation practice, the mask is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for another product. 

Secure your mask by tightening the ear loops so that the mask sits comfortably on your face.

The integrated metal nosepiece can be adjusted to the shape of your nose, to provide a tight fit.

FILTER: The best way to slip the filter into the mask is to fold it lengthways then flatten it out within the pocket.

If you are using your mask all day, ideally dispose of the filter daily.

If you are using the mask sporadically e.g. for a few hours a day, dispose of the filter every 3 - 4 days.
Wash the mask by disposing of the filter first, then machine wash at 60 degrees celsius.

Lie flat to dry. The mask can be put in the drier as well.

Hot tip: The mask will dry overnight as tested by HW girls.