Winter Skin: Top Tips from Our Team on Maintaining a Glowy Complexion

As the days grow colder and shorter, adjusting our skincare routine for the winter months is often the last thing we think of.

However, if you’ve ever had to combat the irritation and added dryness that seems to stick around all winter long, you’ll know how important it is to grant your skin the extra nourishment it needs as soon as the mercury begins to drop.

Faced with cooler and drier air, our skin understandably has a hard time retaining moisture during winter. Add the moisture-sucking effects of heaters and many will find that winter can become a real uphill battle in terms of staving off flakiness and maintaining radiant, glowy skin.

For others, winter makes it all the more challenging to keep chronic skin conditions like atopic dermatitis, eczema and rosacea at bay. Makeup doesn’t sit right, the skin can become inflamed, and your go-to products don’t seem to be packing the same punch.

But just like we swap our sandals for boots and iced lattes for cappuccinos, there’s a number of simple adjustments we can make to keep our skin happy and hydrated as we transition through the seasons.

Here at Heartwood, our knowledgeable team have given their top winter skincare tips so you can retain a year-round glow and say goodbye to dull and dry winter skin.


Scientifically proven to smooth surface texture and alleviate redness, Heartwood’s Indian Sandalwood Face Oil is a holy grail product formulated with the most potent and effective dosage of our prized hero ingredient.

Perfect for year-round use, Alex recommends applying the face oil before locking in some welcome extra nourishment with Terra Tonic’s Clean Collagen Serum. Packed with natural retinol and collagen promoting compounds, this award-winning serum aims to repair skin at the cellular level, without any harmful chemicals or fillers of any kind. The result? Plump and radiant skin.

Opt for Cream-based Makeup

While the hot summer months have conditioned many of us into viewing cream-based products as a melting hazard, the hydration and seamless finish they provide are not to be overlooked during the winter.

To add some moisture to your makeup look, Tanika recommends using Maryse’s Mineral Dew. Infused with organic ingredients, this sheer highlighter is sure to bring back the summer glow (minus the melting) we all long for as soon as the clouds roll in.

Mineral Dew


Get a Hydrating
Heartwood Facial

Of course, if you’re looking to give your skin a real treat, you cannot beat a luxurious facial. Offering some much-needed R&R for you and your skin, Nikki recommends getting Heartwood’s Signature Facial, which features a custom blend of our finest sandalwood elixirs, as well as gua sha and roller facial massage to promote lymphatic drainage and uncover your best skin.

Nikki also suggests the Fast (But Slow) Facial and booking in your facial just when the season first changes to get ahead of winter-related dryness and give the skin a re-surface boost.





Apply a Nourishing Night Cream

There isn’t a better time to get the most out of your skincare than while you’re sleeping. Faced with extra dehydration and dullness, a night cream that packs plenty of hydration is an effective way to keep up a healthy complexion during the winter.

For effortless night-time cell turnover, Susie suggests getting your hands on Emma Lewisham’s Supernatural Peptide 72-Hour Hydration Crème. Delivering a healthy dose of hydration, this nourishing night cream contains collagen boosting peptides, plant-based vitamin A and Edelweiss Stem Cells to restore the appearance of plump and firm skin.

Buff Away Dead Skin Cells

To make the most of your serums, moisturisers and treatments, it’s vital to have a clean base free of dead skin cells. For a flake-free complexion, Tiff recommends using Kora’s AHA Resurfacing Serum which resurfaces the skin with natural AHAs and BHA. Or, she suggests trying out Grown Alchemist’s Polishing Facial Exfoliant which promotes the skin’s natural cell turnover.

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