The Essential Guide To Natural Skincare For Men

We’ve rustled up 7 of the best natural skincare products for men, to make getting started with your routine simple AF.

Whether you’re just getting into the skincare game or you’re looking to upgrade from synthetic ingredients to the wonderful world of natural skincare, we've got you covered. From sunscreen and moisturiser to shaving cream and cleansers.

Heartwood Indian Sandalwood Face Oil

We’re guessing you’ve heard of moisturisers and cleansers, but you might not be so well acquainted with the wonderful world of face oils. Face oils are used before your moisturiser and,  as the name suggests, they’re made purely of oil—no water—so they can penetrate the outer layers of skin more effectively and provide a barrier which protects you from pesky things like UV damage, pollution and dehydration. 

The Heartwood Indian sandalwood face oil is the perfect face oil for blokes thanks to its subtle woody scent. It’s packed full of antioxidants which will have you looking like a million bucks after just a couple of uses.

Indian Sandalwood
Face Oil 30ml


Dr Jackson's SPF 30 Moisturiser

In case you’re not aware, sun exposure is a big no-no when it comes to skincare. In fact, UV damage has been found to be responsible for as much as 80% of all signs of ageing, so if you want to keep your skin looking fresh and wrinkle-free you’ll want to start wearing sunscreen every single day. No excuses. 

Dr Jackson’s SPF 30 moisturiser is the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. The lightweight moisturiser feels nothing like traditional sticky sunscreen, plus it’s loaded with natural ingredients like kigelia fruit extract, baobab seed oil, marula seed oil and shea fruit butter to calm and rejuvenate your skin. It’s also reef-safe so gets a big tick from mother earth if you’re planning on hitting the beach.

01 Day Cream 30ml SPF 30


Eco Tan Citrus Cleanser

Put the bar soap you bought for $2.99 at the supermarket down. Not only is it full of icky ingredients, but it’s also sucking all of the moisture out of your skin. And if you’re using it to cleanse your face, well let’s just say it’s time to stop. The skin on your face is far more delicate than that on your body and it needs a little extra TLC.

The Eco Tan citrus cleanser is full of AHAs which gently exfoliate your skin and loads of calming ingredients making it great to fight skin irritation and acne. It won’t dry you out and will leave you feeling fresh AF thanks to the citrusy scent.

It’s formulated for your face but can be used all over, so you don’t need to worry about fumbling around with multiple products in the shower.

Super Citrus Cleanser


Rohr Remedy Desert Lime Body Moisturiser

When your skin starts to feel a little dry, don’t go whacking any old moisturiser on it. You want one free from damaging ingredients and you might as well get one that smells bloody good too. 

Enter Rohr Remedy’s desert lime body moisturiser. Full of desert lime and kelp, this little potion is high in vitamin C (read: repairs skin like magic) and is perfect for after suncare.

Desert Lime Body Moisturiser


Saya Coffee Scrub

Thought you were stuck with those bumpy thighs and bums for life? Think again. Get your hands on the Saya coffee scrub and get working. 

Coffee grounds exfoliate and invigorate your skin while the shea butter and coconut oil leave you moisturised before you’ve even stepped out of the shower. If you like the smell of coffee, you’re going to froth on this.

Coffee Body Scrub


Hunter Cleansing Shave Foam

We’re willing to bet your current shaving cream doesn’t come chock-full of soothing and cleansing ingredients like quandong, desert lime, wattle seed and Tazman pepper, right?

Well, Hunter Lab’s delicious citrus-scented shave foam is packed with botanicals that will soften hair while soothing and hydrating your poor ravaged skin, plus the self-foaming lather will allow you to get a nice close shave without clogging up your razor. The slick AF matte black packaging doesn’t hurt either.

Cleansing Shave Foam


MYO Perfume

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In-store only.

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