The Australian Skincare Brands Who Are Changing The Game, Naturally

You might already fly your ‘support local’ flag high and proud when you do your grocery shopping but what about when it comes to your skincare routine? If you’re not already buying local Australian skincare, you might be pleasantly surprised to hear that some of the best natural skincare in the world is coming straight out of our own backyard.


Shameless plug, we know, but we’re pretty passionate about what we do here and it really does show in our products, so hear us out. Heartwood was founded by Alex Wilson, a pretty incredible sandgroper whose family has been in the Sandalwood game for years. Inspired by the ancient tree and the benefits it can have on the mind, body and face, Alex decided it was time to educate consumers about its healing properties.

Heartwood now produces a line of natural skincare, fragrances and wellbeing products. The face oils are as luxurious as you could imagine and if you’re lucky enough to be in Perth, we’d recommend heading into the Cottesloe based store and blending up your own perfume on the double.

OUR PICKS: Royal Oil; Incense gift set with Indian Sandalwood & Black Marguina Marble Burner

Rohr Remedy

If you’re looking to make the most of our native Australian ingredients, Rohr Remedy is really making them (and your skin) shine. Using traditional medicinal botanicals combined with the latest scientific discoveries, Rohr Remedy bottles up some potent concoctions to get (and keep) your skin in tip top shape - the Kakadu Plum Face Serum is a thing of beauty. 

They also have a beautiful deodorant free of nasties which will have you smelling as fresh as Australian wildflowers all day long, as well as delicious smelling soaps and body creams. 

OUR PICKS: Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Serum; Boab & Rosehip with Vitamin E Oil ; Wildflower Deodorant


Sodashi was born in Western Australia way back in 1999 and has since become one of the world’s most trusted natural skincare brands. The line has made its way into some of the most well-respected spas around the globe - including Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park London and Four Seasons in Kyoto and the Maldives - so rest assured it’s not just us who love this line. 

The word Sodashi is a Sanskrit term meaning wholeness, purity and radiance and this is basically the mantra they live by. All their products aim to treat user holistically - not just the skin - and they hold themselves to the highest standards in terms of the purity of their ingredients. The result is skin that glows and a zen state of mind.

OUR PICKS: Calming Face & Neck Moisturiser; Calming Serum

Calming Face and Neck Moisturiser





Biologi’s face, body and eye serums are absolute game changers for those of you looking for serious active ingredients that won’t aggravate your skin. 

Founder Ross Macdougald started out creating plant extracts for inclusion in commercial products but soon got tired of the way they were being used and so set out to create his own line of 100% active plant serums. Pretty soon they had a cult following and you only need to check out the before and after shots on their Instagram page to see why. 

OUR PICKS: BF Hydration Body Serum; BK Rejuvenation Eye Serum

Bf Hydration
Body Serum


Bk Rejuvenation
Eye Serum


Salt by Hendrix

If you love a good soak in the tub as much as we do, you’ll want to get your hands on some bath salts from Salt by Hendrix immediately if not sooner - we’re pretty into the rose and heather flower-infused magnesium flakes for tired muscles. Follow that up with one of their indulgent body oils and you’ll be more relaxed than you can possibly imagine.

If you’re not a bath person, don’t fret. Salt by Hendrix has a pretty incredible range of facial products with names that are almost as good as the ingredients inside. Think Stardust Tonic - full of amino acids, Vitamin C, phenolic acids and more. Good stuff. 

OUR PICKS: Stardust Tonic; Botanic Facial Serum

Stardust Tonic


Botanic Facial Serum



With everything from soap and haircare to powerful serums and moisturisers, Saya is your one-stop shop to natural Australian skincare goodness. Founded in Noosa, the team relies on Australian native botanicals to create skincare that’s as good as (if not better) than any synthetic product on the market. 

Their AHA exfoliant and night moisturiser will kick your skin into shape in a matter of days, while their creams and candles will have you feeling cool, calm and collected in mere minutes.

OUR PICKS: AHA Face Exfoliant ; Night Moisture

AHA Face Exfoliant


Night Moisture


Eco Tan

The first and only tanning product certified organic by the Organic Food Chain under Australian government, Eco Tan was a game-changer back in 2011 and is still going strong in 2019. It’s also Accredited Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia and accredited by Choose Cruelty Free - pretty impressive stuff for a self-tanning lotion. 

Face Tan Water. It’s such a cult product that we don’t need to waste time telling you that it’s ridiculously easy to apply, smells great and looks perfectly natural; what might surprise you though is all the other impressive goodies they have on offer. Think exfoliators, moisturisers, sunscreens and citronella body sprays; and that’s barely scratching the surface.

OUR PICKS: Glory Oil ; Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub 

Glory Oil


Pink Himalayan
Salt Scrub



Beautiful bathroom #shelfie-worthy packaging is just the cherry on top of the Ere Perez natural skincare line. Founder Ere Perez grew up in Mexico with her grandfather, who was a traditional medicine man, and her mother who spent her time making home beauty treatments, so you could say natural skincare and beauty is in her blood. 

When she moved to the sunny shores of Bondi in Australia she swapped Mayan medicines for Australian botanicals like blue cyprus, camellia and quandong to create clean, conscious and affordable skincare products. 

OUR PICKS:  Herbal Face Tonic; Quandong Green Booster Serum ​

Face Tonic


Quandong Green
Booster Serum


Clean Slate

Another West Australian natural skincare brand, Clean Slate began as a desire to ditch the cortisone cream that founder Kat Snowden was using to treat her eczema.You will find completely natural remedies that have undergone scrupulous testing, all of which smell delicious and feel like liquid gold on your skin. 

Candle - Nautical


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