The 10 Best Multipurpose Products for your Spring Beauty Routine

The glorious Spring season is well and truly upon us and while we couldn’t be more ready to spend long lazy days in the sun, our skincare and makeup routines need a moment to adjust.

Coming out of winter, our skin requires extra hydration, nourishment and protection for the warmer months ahead. Makeup wise, less is more in spring…think luminous, sun-kissed and dewy skin with pops of rosy colour. 

While it’s good to mix up your skincare and beauty routine when a new season hits, our wallets may think otherwise. That’s why we’ve curated our top 10 multipurpose products so you can get more bang for your buck this season. It’s all about products that can nourish the skin while also giving you that fresh spring ‘no makeup, makeup’ look.

Ready to treat your skin as well as your bank account? These are our picks:



Multi-Benne Stain Stick - Genet

Perhaps the most perfect makeup product ever?

This magical little stick does it all: apply to the lips for a pop of colour, the cheeks for a natural flushed look or even on the eyelids. Layer on for a full look or blot off excess for a more subtle stain.

This dark berry hue is perfect for Spring and your skin will savour all the nourishing benefits of organic ingredients like jojoba seed oil and vitamin E.


Dr Hauschka

Translucent Bronzing Tint

Say goodbye to winter’s dull and uneven skin tones with this product.

Create your own tinted moisturiser by adding a few drops of this to your daily SPF moisturiser, add a few drops to a natural sunscreen to minimise the white cast look of zinc oxide, or use alone as a bronzer.

We love that this product is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and full of toning and moisturising ingredients such as witch hazel and olive oil.




Noto nails it again.

Spring is all about glowy skin and this highlighter stick effortlessly wakes up dull winter skin, making it look like the sun is hitting in all the right spots.

Dab onto cheekbones, cupid’s bow, upper eyelids and even collarbones and shoulders to accentuate and illuminate.

Ingredients like organic olive fruit oil, coconut and rosehip seed oil will keep your skin hydrated while out in the sun.


Eco Tan

Face Tan Water

We all know the importance of diligently protecting our face from the sun but we still crave an even-toned sun kissed complexion.

Enter, Face Tan Water.

Specifically crafted for the face, neck and décolletage, this liquid self-tanner builds to a beautiful glow.

Light enough to use daily, you might just find you can skip the foundation due to its ability to even out your complexion.

We also love that it contains natural hyaluronic acid so you can hydrate while you tan.



Mineral Tint - Apricots

Light pink and apricot tones for Spring makeup? Groundbreaking! But some things never go out of style and a fresh, sun-kissed face is one of them.

This tint covers all the bases, simply apply with fingertips to lips and cheeks, building colour as you go.

We love the way this product melts into the skin for the ultimate natural look while hydrating with coconut oil, shea butter & vitamin E.


Maya Chia

Highlight of the Day - After Hours

This highlighting makeup is a treat for the health of your skin.

Infused with nutrient-rich botanicals, this serum is ultra-lightweight and easily absorbed.

Apply alone or mix a little into your moisturiser or foundation to accentuate a luminous, healthy radiance.




Indian Sandalwood Face Oil

Tighten, hydrate, protect and glow.

Suitable for all skin types, this simple yet powerful oil can be used alone or mixed into a moisturiser to improve anti-inflammatory activity and offer antioxidant protection.

For a dewy Spring makeup look, we like adding a drop to our foundation or over makeup to create the ultimate glow.

A multipurpose product in the truest form, we’ve also heard of our Indian Sandalwood Face Oil moonlighting as a shaving oil for men. Is there anything it can’t do?



Salty by Hendrix

Body Glow - Golden Hour

This jasmine and argan body oil embodies Spring.

Apply anywhere on the body that you would like to illuminate, especially the legs, arm and collarbones.

Vitamin A, C, and E derived from jojoba, baobab and orange oils help to brighten, hydrate and protect the skin, making it look like you’ve escaped to Europe over the winter.



Salt by Hendrix

Magical Rose Illuminating Elixir Crème

Because roses Smell like spring and illuminated skin looks like Spring.

Lather on to help your skin look and feels its best.

This rich body cream contains beautiful natural oils of bilberry, Kakadu plum and jojoba to create a subtle illuminating glow.



Eco Tan


Get a healthy sun-kissed look without jeopardising the health of your skin.

We love that this tanning water dries instantly, doesn’t clog pores and delivers a long-lasting dark tan. And it won’t dry you out either; organic hemp seed extract and hyaluronic acid allow for additional hydration.


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