Everything You Need to Know About Peels

Arriving just in time for winter, our latest treatment harnesses the calming properties of Indian sandalwood and features the formulation expertise of Hungarian Skin Therapist & Naturopath, Eniko Nehez.

When it comes to facial treatments, the chemical peel seems to have a bit of a bad reputation. Horror stories of peels gone wrong, both real and fictional (we haven’t forgotten that Sex and the City episode), have influenced many of us to view facial peels as somewhat of a skincare gamble. On one hand, you could get baby-smooth skin, and on the other you could get a red, flaky skincare catastrophe. Or at least that’s what urban skincare legend has led some of us to believe.

That’s why we’re setting the record straight on this one: a good quality peel offers a range of benefits for a range of skin concerns and, chances are, it could be exactly what your skin needs.

From fine lines to discolouration, high quality peels offer a whole host of benefits when done professionally. Arriving just in time for winter, our latest treatment harnesses the calming properties of Indian Sandalwood and features the formulation expertise of Hungarian formulator, Eniko Nehez to unveil a healthy and bright complexion lying beneath. Using natural ingredients, our Peel and Heal treatment resurfaces and rejuvenates the skin, and who doesn’t want that?

Here's everything you need to know about peels and our newest facial here at Heartwood.

What is a peel?

"Peels are a non-surgical, non-invasive technique used to improve the appearance and health of skin,” Enikō Nehez, the Skin Therapist and Naturopath behind local skincare brand ENIKŌ, describes. Although peels are primarily known for their ability to powerfully exfoliate the skin, they can also help decongest, stimulate cell turnover and hydrate to reveal smooth skin below.

What are the benefits and how does it work?

According to our Director of Spa & Wellness, Nikki O’Dwyer, peels can lessen the appearance of scarring, discolouration, fine wrinkles, acne and an uneven skin tone.

This comes down to a peel’s powerful exfoliating abilities.

“In this case our peel is a powerful skin exfoliant, made up of combination of natural ingredients applied to the skin professionally to remove the top layers of the skin (Epidermis and Dermis),” Nikki explains. The result?

"The skin that grows back is much smoother and brighter.”

A peel can also offer a deep cleansing effect while refining pores, providing microbial support and increasing receptivity for subsequent active ingredients.

Who are peels generally recommended for?

Peels are recommended for those with sun damaged skin, although not sunburnt skin, as well as those with acne, wrinkles, oily skin, ageing skin, hyperkeratinised skin and those with poor skin texture.

What makes the Peel & Heal treatment special?

Boasting Botanical and Nutritive AHAs and BHAs, the Peel & Heal treatment works on both a mechanical and chemical level to grant your skin all the benefits.

This means that in addition to removing dead skin, the peel’s numerous active ingredients also work to stimulate cell turnover and increase blood circulation at the surface level to oxygenate the skin.

Extracted from naturally occurring ingredients including meadowsweet, paw paw, quandong, myrrh, pineapple and capsicum to name a few, the peel takes a natural approach to effectively exfoliate, clarify and refine.

“No skin flaking, or ‘down time’ is expected, however, a slight tingling sensation may be felt when the mask is applied or afterwards,” Enikō explains.

What should you do before and after a peel?

To get the most out of this treatment, hydration is essential. Enikō recommends using ENIKŌ Enzymatic Micro Peel twice a week, Heartwood Indian Sandalwood Face Oil during the day and ENIKŌ Vitamin ACE Serum at night to give the skin the nourishment and hydration it needs.

As for after-care, Nikki recommends avoiding wearing makeup directly after treatment and steering clear of any facial treatments for at least two weeks post-peel. However, that doesn’t mean your skin needs to go without the pampering it deserves. For some post-peel nourishment, you cannot go wrong with our skin-loving salve: our Royal Oil. Enriched with fine Indian sandalwood, this fragrant and rich oil calms, brightens and protects.

Nikki also suggests wearing SPF daily, using a mild cleanser and avoiding excess heat.


Enzymatic Micro Peel


Indian Sandalwood Face Oil


Vitamin A C E Serum


Royal Oil


Soothing Cleansing Milk


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