Emerald Bond’s Advice to Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable in 2023

This Earth Day, working with local Eco Warrior Emerald Bond aka @p_earth_mama, our goal is to help make a collective difference by focusing on what’s within our reach.   

Earth Day highlights our collective responsibility to help accelerate the global transition to an equitable, prosperous, green economy for all.


Emerald is a local mum of 3, and former lawyer turned recycling nerd. Since having children, Emerald became disenchanted with the amount of waste her small family was generating and began her journey to live a more sustainable and low-waste lifestyle. She shares her learnings, along with local tips and advice on her Instagram page p_earth_mama.


1. You have to clean them out

“To assist the recycling process it is important to remove as much residue from your beauty containers as possible. Most recyclers will accept some residue, for example in mascara or lip gloss tubes, however the cleaner the better. I always cut my tubes lengthways, use up any remaining product (it’s amazing how much you will get out of a seemingly empty container!) and then wash the tube or bottle at the end of my dish washing round to avoid wasting water. Dry the containers overnight, and then bring them to your local drop-off,” says Emerald.

2. All products purchased at Heartwood can be returned to Heartwood to be recycled via Terracycle

We accept all your empties to be fully recycled and repurposed.

For other household empties that cannot be placed in your recycling bin, there are free drop-off locations around the Cottesloe area including:

a) West Metro Recycling Centre

West Metro Recycling Centre in Shenton Park will accept many harder to recycle items such as empty oral care products, razor products and haircare products as well as Styrofoam, e-waste, mattresses, tyres, plastic lids, X-rays, plastic plant pots, bicycles, stationary, sporting goods…the list goes on!! 

It is FREE to drop off these items and many more if you are a resident of a participating member council (Cottesloe, Mosman Park, Peppermint Grove, Claremont and Subiaco).

b) Priceline, MECCA and L’Occitane

All Priceline and Mecca stores have drop-off bins for the following beauty products of ANY BRAND:

  • Glass bottles

  • Pumps, caps and droppers

  • Plastic tubes, bottles and containers

  • Mascara tubes, wands and eyeliners

  • Lip products

  • Palettes and compacts (including with mirrors)

L’Occitane stores will also accept beauty, skin care and hair care packaging except for glass, aerosols and cardboard.

c) Containers for Change

Containers for Change will accept your empty containers and will give you back 10c for every eligible container you drop off. There are plenty of depots around the Cottesloe and all over Perth


3. The triangle recycling symbol on the back of a product does not indicate it can be placed in your recycling bin

“NOPE - this is a very common misconception. The little triangle symbol on the back of packaging only tells the consumer the type of plastic that is used, not whether it can be recycled. Sadly many of the products with these symbols on them CANNOT be recycled in your home recycling bin and will end up in landfill if not recycled through an alternate program. This is one of the reasons that is it so important to return your empty beauty products to Heartwood, or other drop off locations, and ensure they are recycled through Terracycle,” says Emerald.

4. Refills for your favourite products from these brands can be purchased in store and online here

5. We have a Refill Rebate – you can get 10% off

All Heartwood-branded products, our incense for example, can be returned to Heartwood’s Cottesloe Headquarters to be refilled.

As a reward for refilling your Heartwood vessel you will receive 10% off the original retail price. To redeem your refill rebate visit us instore or contact us at woody@heartwoodco.com.au to request a shipping slip to return your product and have it refilled.


Shop locally

“People always say to shop local but what impact does that actually have on the environment? By shopping locally, you can make a big difference to your personal footprint because you are reducing miles, reducing the use of packaging, and increasing your ability to trace the provenance of what you are purchasing,” says Emerald.

DIY Home Remedies

“There are so many products that you can make at home with items that people often have in their bathroom or pantry cupboard (such as baking powder, vinegar and lemons for cleaning).

I already make my own dry shampoo, as well as cleaning products using simple ingredients and essential oils, but there are many beauty products like lip balms, body scrubs, that you can make too.

Since becoming a mum gone are the days of the daily hair wash, and as I have quite oily hair I go through a lot of this homemade dry shampoo. Is it so easy to make and works just as well as any product off the shelf,” Emerald says.

Emerald’s DIY Dry Shampoo


- 3 tablespoons of arrowroot powder or corn-starch

- 1 tablespoon of white kaolin or bentonite clay

- 3 Drops Heartwood Cleanse Essential Oil Blend (or your fav essential oil)


Simply mix arrowroot powder or corn-starch with kaolin or bentonite clay and a few drops of your favourite essential oil and funnel into a container (I use an old dry shampoo bottle), then apply to the roots of your hair and comb through. It is quite good to do this at night before bed so that it has time to soak in, but it works perfectly well just combing through in the morning.

I get these products from the Clean Pantry bulk food store in Mosman Park, and the essential oils from Heartwood (obviously)!

You can read more Heartwood’s commitment to sustainability and traceability here.


Cleanse Essential Oil


Hand & Body Wash REFILL


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